Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 9 Pick-Up

Our Market Day yogurt came today. We got a quart of blackberry and a quart of orange yogurt. The orange yogurt is interesting. It isn't smack you in the face orangy, but just a delicious hint of orange. I'm going to make frozen yogurt with it. Should be good.


Greens 1lb
Peppers 3 ea.
Squash 1.15 lbs
Cucumber 1.5 lbs
Tomatoes 4.5 lbs
Watermelon 1ea.
Mint .12 lbs
Perslaine .12 lbs


2 pint blueberries
3lbs of apricots

I've never been a fan of tomato soup, but if i've learned anything this summer it's don't judge a food by the way it comes out of a can. The flavor in these tomatoes is incredible, and i have 4.5 lbs of them, so I'm going to see if I can make a tomato soup that I like. Stay tuned for results.

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