Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pick Up Week 5

BEETS!! They are finally here! We got 1 lb of beets. I'm thinking of roasting them and then making a salad with roasted peppers, fennel, goat cheese and a light honey dressing over an herb salad. That sounds do-able. I'll post picks of the process when I make it this weekend.

Here's this week's share:

Beets 1 lb
Napa 1 piece
Fennel 1 piece
Greens 1 lb
Pepper 3 pieces
Squash 3 lbs
Cucumber 1 lb
Broccoli .75 lbs

2.1 lbs White Cherries
1.3 Lbs Sour Cherries
2 lbs Apricots

We are overloaded with cherries right now, which isn't a bad thing. I'm definitely going to do some baking with this batch. I'm thinking of preserving the sour cherries, which are my favorite. Also notice that this is the first week we haven't gotten any garlic scapes. I love them, but we were sort of getting over run by them. The biggest news, however, is that we only have 1 lb of greens! We were getting so many they'd shrivel up and die before we could eat them. Last night I cut up the squash from last week, added some tomatoes, all the greens (Chard) and garlic, sauteed it, added pasta and parmesan cheese. It's practically the same thing I made for dinner last wednesday, but it's so good it's becoming a favorite of ours.

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